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Rabbit Evolution

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

When I started this crazy adventure, my design skills were extremely basic. I knew how to draw ovals and that's pretty much all. I honestly thought my super crude designs were adorable in their own way. Like a kid had made them. And people who connected with me in person (face to face) said they loved the simple designs. Anonymous people on the internet, however, weren't as kind. I shrugged off their feedback for a year. What do they know?! My rabbits are adorbs, people said so to my face! And yeah, they "look like a serious of ovals all mushed together" because they ARE a series of ovals all mushed together! So what?!?!

I don't know what finally got to me, but one day I decided I would try and make them better. I wanted to keep the simplicity, but wanted to make them just a little but "extra". I didn't want the haters to say "Rainbow Rabbits is just a bunch of ovals!" I watched a lot of tutorials and made a lot of minor tweaks. SOOOOO many minor tweaks. I gave the Rabbits eyes. Then bigger eyes. And then tiny eyes (I like the tiny eyes). I gave them patches of color. I really wanted to like the color but I just couldn't get it right. I squished the ovals SO HARD! Take that ovals! My husband said the lines weren't thick enough so I went +++++ on outlines. Don't even get me started on the ears! Floppy, straight?!?!? Gah, why are ears so hard?! I tweaked for weeks.

In the end, I'm glad I got the anonymous feedback. I think it helped me take the idea to the next level. And I LOVE the new rabbits even more than I love the originals. I resubmitted my new designs to the anonymous internet judgers. They're still haters. But this time at least they didn't call my little lovies "a series of ovals!"

I also tried out paws. Feet never looked right. Hands mostly looked like boobs. And what on earth was I thinking with those ears?!?!


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