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5 Family Games to Play this Summer

I always toss a small game in my purse before we go anywhere, because no matter where we go, there's always time for a fun game!

Here are our top 5 games that are easy to learn, quick to play, and fun for any age:

1. Rummy (with a standard deck of cards)

My daughter was introduced to Rummikub by a friend, but the game isn't exactly travel-friendly. So we looked up the rules to Rummy and it's been our #1 go-to lately. The best part is, all you need is a regular deck of cards (or two).

Uno meets Go Fish in this game full of fun magical creatures. Our favorite part is yelling "You wish!" anytime a player asks for a card that we don't have in our hand.

My daughter is a HUGE Odd1s Our fan, so we had to get this fun twist on the popular game Spoons. Although the game technically comes in a large box, I keep everything in a ziplock bag (plus the little bug characters are fun to play with!).

This is another game that you can play with a standard deck of cards. It's a little like competitive solitaire, where players are trying to be the first to use their cards first to win.

5. Rainbow Bunny Bop

And, of course, I never go anywhere without our own game, Rainbow Bunny Bop. Rounds are quick, so it's the perfect game to play while waiting for food and my daughter is so much faster than me at building rainbows that my competitive spirit kicks in.


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