How to play

1. Introduction

Oh, hai there! Get ready for a colorful, quick, and chaotic 2-4 player card game for all ages. The concept is easy: Build rainbows as a team. The first person to play all of the cards in their hand WINS!  There's no turn taking, so you need to be quick like a bunny!

2. Contents

84 cards featuring the adorable Rainbow Rabbits:

Blossom, Butters, Cupcake, and Douglas.


3. Setup

Sort the cards by suit into four piles: Flowers, Butterflies, Cupcakes, Hearts. Each player picks a suit and shuffles their pile. Players hold their cards face-down in their hands (pink-side up). Now we are ready to play!

4. Gameplay

Everyone plays simultaneously, building rainbows in sequence in the middle of the play area. On "Go" everyone flips through the cards in their hand one at a time, as quick as they can. When they flip over a card that can be played on a rainbow (more on that below), they have to act fast or someone else will beat them to it. 


When a player has flipped through all of the cards in their hand, they pick up their pile of unplayed cards from the table and start flipping all over again. Everyone continues in this fashion until someone finally plays every card in their hand. This player is the WINNER

5. Building Rainbows

All rainbows start with red and end with violet.

6. Rules to Remember

  • Rainbows need to be built in the correct color order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet.

  • Rainbows can only have 1 of each color.

  • There can only be up to 3 rainbows in the play area at any time.

  • Players can play their cards on any of the rainbows in the play area.

  • If 2 or more players try to play a card at the same time, the player whose card was first remains. The others must return their card to their pile(s).

  • Promptly remove completed rainbows from the play area to make room for a new rainbow.

  • Players can only ever play the top card from their pile in front of them. Do not pick through your pile for cards to play.

7. End of Game

The first person to play all of their cards WINS. We recommend yelling “BUNNIES BUNNIES BUNNIES!” enthusiastically

8. A Note for Kids

Go easy on the adults. At first, you might think that they are just letting you win to be nice. But you will see that is not the case. They’re trying. They really are. They just can’t remember the rainbow order as quickly as you can. So, after maybe 10 wins, why not throw them a bone and let them win just one.