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A colorful, quick & chaotic card game for all ages.

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How to play

Get ready for fur-ious flipping family fun with the Rainbow Rabbits. In this colorful sequencing game, players race to build rainbows and be the first to play all of their cards. It's a little bit competition, co-hoperation, and a lot of chaos. Lettuce play!

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Sort the cards into 4 decks. Each player picks and shuffles their deck.

On GO everyone flips through their cards as fast as they can.

Stack cards in rainbow  order from Red to Violet in the play area.


First player to play all of the cards in their hand is the winner.



There's a lot of ROYGBIV being said in our house these days.

~ Marc R.

We love this game! I grew up playing nertz/blood and guts; it’s so fun to have a bunny version of the game!

~Jacqueline A.


The kids loved playing Rainbow Rabbits!! Such a fun and cute game!

~ Kendra M.