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1. Introduction

Bunny Bluff has the same objective as a regular Rainbow Rabbits game: Be the first person to play all of your cards to win. The difference is, in Bunny Bluff, you're using your powers of deceit trick your opponents.

Good for 3-10 players.

2. Setup & Gameplay

Cards are shuffled and evenly dispersed to each player. A single player is nominated to be lead. This player starts each round by announcing which the card color to be played.


The game begins with the lead player placing a 1 or more cards face-down in the center of the table and declaring their color. This may or may not be true. Play moves left, other players may:

  • Pass: Players may choose to not play a card. If you pass you may not play again during that round, however, you still can challenge other players.

  • Play: Players may choose to play 1 or more cards which match the color announced by the lead. For example, if the lead declares they played a Red card, each player should be playing Red cards. However, since cards are placed face-down, it gives everyone the opportunity to lie about what cards they are shedding and thereby possibly get rid of their cards faster.

A round continues around the table until all players pass or there is a challenge.

  • If all players pass, the center stack is removed from play and not examined. Whichever player was the last to add to the stack becomes the lead. The lead then announces the rank for the next round.

  • If there is a challenge, this is what occurs. After one player has played down a card, before the next player plays, anyone in the game may challenge the integrity of the other player’s card. Players who wish to initiate a challenge do so by placing their hand on the stack and calling, “Bunny Bluff!” If the cards are not the rank declared by the player, they must grab the stack and add it to their hand. If the cards are the rank declared, the player who called Bunny Bluff takes the center stack into their hand.


Note: A useful tactic of gameplay is to lie about your cards the first time you play then tell the truth the next couple times.

3. End Game

The first player to run out of cards is the winner. Typically, the game continues even after the first player goes out to determine a second place winner, third, and so on.


1. Introduction

The aim is to get rid of all your cards as soon as possible to secure your place as President Bunny. The last player left with cards is called The Carrot (ew, gross, vegetables!). Your rank in the game determines your position


Good for 3-6 players.

2. Setup & Gameplay

Cards are shuffled and evenly dispersed to each player. The cards rank, from high to low, in color order from Red through Violet.


The player to dealer's left starts by leading (face up) any single card or any set of cards of equal rank (for example three Greens). Each player in turn must then either pass (i.e. not play any cards), or play face up a card or set of cards which beats the previous play.


A single card is beaten by any higher single card. A set of cards can only be beaten by a higher set containing the same number of cards. So for example if the previous player played two Blues you can beat this with two Purples, or two Violets, but not with a single Purple, and not with three Blues (though you could play two of them and hang onto the third).

It is not necessary to beat the previous play just because you can - passing is always allowed. Also passing does not prevent you from playing the next time your turn comes round.

The play continues as many times around the table as necessary until someone makes a play which everyone else passes. All the cards played are then turned face down and put to one side, and the player who played last begins the next round. Play in this fashion until one person finally runs out of cards. This person, becomes President Bunny. Play continues until all players have played their cards and The Carrot is determined.

In subsequent games, President Bunny gives The Carrot their 2 worst cards, while The Carrot gives the President Bunny their 2 best cards. President Bunny then starts the round as normal.

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